We know "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" and there are trees in Ocean City, MD, but they don't grow on the beach!  Well one summer morning we woke up to a rather strange sight - during the overnight a tree had sprouted near the base of the jetty right on the beach. 

Sometime during the night the "tree" either washed up on the beach or was dumped there by someone.  Then someone decided to "plant" it in the sand.  We loved our tree - even though it wouldn't survive the day.  All the kids in our building decided to make it ours and we collected things that washed up along the shore and decorated the tree - like you would a Christmas tree -  but we used shells, seaweed and anything else we could find. 

Unfortunately by midday or so - our tree was gone.  The Ocean City Beach Patrol, while they thought it was an interesting development, decided that it was more hazardous to beachgoers than it was a part of the scenery.  They made us remove the tree.  :(

For those of us who remember - for a few hours on summer morning back in the late 70s - a tree grew on the beach at 29th Street in Ocean City, MD.