Georgie is a nic that I started using in chat when I first got my webtv in 1999, but Georgie was created long before that. Most important, though, Georgie & ML are one in the same.

Georgie was born Georgette Spelvin in 1980 when I took over as the editor of my college newspaper. The radical left took over the paper in a coup (literally) over an October weekend – after seeing “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” and telling our journalism professor that the ‘rebel force was taking over the paper.’ It was a joke – but the following Monday – lo & behold, I was the new editor of the paper!

At our first staff meeting we decided to take the rag that was the “Weekly Voice” (also called the Weakly Voice – which was published once a semester at best) from trashcan liner to a bi-monthly, widely-read newspaper. We changed the name, expanded the format from 4 to 12 pages and opted to take the paper to a somewhat more underground, editorial feel.

Now, in those days, my college was a women’s college (it’s since gone co-ed) and the administration not very keen on anything that spoke against its policies. None of us wanted to be expelled as many of us were seniors at the time, so for the stories that blasted the college, its policies or the administration, we decided to create an by-line alias. The name George Spelvin was tossed out – a name often used as an alias when someone doesn’t want his or her real name used.

It was a great idea – but George sure wouldn’t work at a women’s college, so George became Georgette. The funniest thing – no one caught on! The administration was rifling through enrollment records when the first article appeared – and students swore up & down that she was in class with them! Of course we confused everyone as there were 3 of us – all with very different writing styles – writing the articles.

It wasn’t till graduation that the administration had a scapegoat – me – to call Georgette Spelvin, as in my editor’s Last Will & Testament, I left Georgette Spelvin to them, may she rest in peace!

My last parting shot at the college was very critical, but I gave them LOTS of clues as to who had written that particular Georgette Spelvin article “Glorified Vo-Tech” (I’d written it in February, but had no intention of publishing it till the last issue). Only 2 people knew of its existence before it was published on the first day of exams – my best friend – and my journalism professor.

Years later when I bought my webtv and started playing in the Guess-Classic-Rock-by-Lyric chat room game, did Georgette become Georgie (or Georgie_s). But I was only know as Georgie in the game room – everywhere else I was ML or mlski. Georgie still exists in the memories of some of the gamers from way back then. However, now that the game has been reborn – it’s time for Georgie & ML to finally be one.

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