Welcome to the Enduring Freedom Webring! This ring is for anyone who is a US patriot and shows it on their webpage. September 11, 2001 is just the most recent incident that threatened our National security and freedoms, but there have been other attempts to undermine our democracy throughout our history.

  • Sites MUST be patriotic
  • Sites MUST be family-friendly and non-commercial
  • The ring code MUST be placed on the page you submit
  • You MUST keep your email address, page URL, etc. up to date - if your site is breaking the ring & I can't contact you, your site will be deleted from the ring.
  • Sites that are only a list of links will not be considered
  • Sites located on myspace, xanga or other social networking sites will not be considered
If you have a website that is a tribute to the 9-11 attacks or a patriotic site or just want to show your respect to the United States, then click on the "Join" button in the webring below.

The code fragment that you include on your webpage - should come ready to go - with your ID number already included. You should also upload the graphic to the right to your own computer or file manager - and incorporate your copy of the graphic in the ring code rather than hot-linking my graphic.

After you've installed the code fragment on your patriotic page - your ring should look like to this:

Jump into your Enduring Freedom Ring account to make any needed changes

      Site ID:

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