Welcome to the homepage of the Expert HTML webring!

The Expert HTML Webring is a showcase of the fantastic sites created by the members of this group. Webmasters within this group all have spent a great deal of time creating a website that is pleasing to the eye and is well worth the time to visit. If you're interested in becoming a member of the Expert HTML webring - joining is as easy as building your webpage & filling out the form that you'll find the link to below.

While the Expert HTML group has been around for many years, the ring is no longer affiliated with the group.  If you are a past member but have NOT rejoined the ring, I ask you to remove the old code from your sites.  I am also moving the site to a new ring host - with a new HTML fragment and ring design.  Dead links have been removed. 

Ideally your website should have something to do with some aspect of building a webpage. Your site should also be family-friendly and non-commercial. If you would like to join the Expert HTML webring - please click on the link below & fill out the form. You will find the ring HTML fragment to the left.  Simply click on "Get Code" and copy the code fragment and install it on the page you have designated for the ring code & logo.   In the box that says YOUR SITE HERE - delete that and enter your site name - it will be the login for alt-webring as well if you need to make changes to your site information.  

Remember - your ring code must appear on the page that you submit to the webring. If the ring code is not found on the webpage you submit, your site will not pass ring check & will be moved into the queue (inactive status) until the correction is made. You also must maintain a working email account so that you can be reached regarding any webring news or updates.  If email is returned to the ring master - your site will be removed from the ring.

Click here to JOIN the webring. Below is what your ring code should look like on your page (ring logo needs to be on a black or dark background - so adjust the link text accordingly to your page)

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