I have moved this ring to a new home - if you click on the JOIN link below it will take you to our new home at alt-webring.com. Existing members you will have to reapply and change your existing ring code. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This webring is for anyone with a homepage. There is no specific theme or topic - just some sort of homepage or website. If you have a non-commercial, personal homepage - you're one of us! Join others who have created their own homepage or website and show off your work - sites must be family-friendly. (Commercial sites and pages built using social community sites like myspace or xanga, etc will NOT be considered.)

Remember - your ring code MUST appear on the page that you submit to the webring. If the ring code is not found on the webpage you submit, your site will not pass the ring checker & will be moved into the queue (inactive status) until the correction is made. You also must maintain a working email account so that you can be reached regarding any webring news or updates. If email is returned to the ring master - your site will be removed from the ring.

Your ring will look exactly like the one below. You do NOT have to download the graphic as this ring is an image map. When you paste the HTML to your site - DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES TO THE CODE. When you are filling out the application - and you come to SITE ID - enter the ID for your ring - like a brief-form of your site name.


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