This webring is for Members of ZboX webhosting. You must have an account and website built at ZboX to be a member of this ring - if you aren't - visit to find out more!

A webring is a group of websites - whether they have a similar topic or theme or are just a bunch of sites by friends & strangers. The ring brings visitors who are interested in those themes and that helps to bring exposure to your site & hits.

When you join the webring, you will be sent to a page that includes the code fragment that you copy & paste to your webpage (the same code fragment is also available from your member profile page).

The code fragment MUST be on the same page as the URL that you submit, so if you have a "webrings" page - that's the page URL you submit. Be sure to include a link from your webrings page to your main website.

You MUST keep your email address, page URL, etc. up to date - if I can't contact you, and your site is breaking the ring, your site will be moved back to the queue and eventually be deleted from the ring if the information isn't updated.

The code fragment that you include on your webpage - you may need to make some changes to. It should come mostly ready to go - with your ID number already included, however you will likely have to add in your email addy. You should also upload the graphic in the ring to your own computer or file manager - and incorporate your copy of the graphic in the ring code rather than hot-linking mine.

Near the end of your code - look for "mailto: " and fill in your email address - do not leave any space - it should look like ""

The rest of the information should already be filled in in the code you get by email. However, you'll see 4 places where it says id=***SITEID*** - be sure all of the *** are removed from the code and it reads id=## - not id=*##*.

When you've installed the code fragment & made the needed adjustments to the ring code - your ring should look similar to this:

Also available - a text version of the ring code - minus the graphic - both codes will be available when you apply to join the ring - just pick one of the codes -