Who am I?

Iím ML (mlski1) from Delaware - what we fondly refer to as "Slower Lower Delaware," though I was born & raised in New Jersey. The beach is just minutes away, but I live inland a bit - where chickens outnumber humans by at least 100 to 1. We're just a hop, skip & jump from the home of Perdue Chicken (in Salisbury, MD) and several other major poultry outlets.

I've worked in radio since college - starting off as a DJ, but now focusing on news and production. I also maintain the computers at work. I got interested in computers after I bought a webtv and wanted to do more than the webtv would allow. And I've taken numerous online courses from Del Tech for anything from webpage building to computer maintenance and repair.

In my spare time I read. Spy thrillers are my favorites, but I like some fantasy, historical novels, romances - just about anything fiction. I'm not a big non-fiction fan - but I rule out nothing! Music is another major part of my world - mostly rock, but lately I've been getting into modern country. I'll listen to just about anything but opera.

Now to confuse you a little - I'm also Georgie! Back in the day - we were always told to use a separate identity in chat, so when I found the first chat room I wanted to be a part of - it was a game - Georgie was born. I came by the nic honestly though as it was something that we also used in school to protect the not so innocent! Read more here to find out all about Georgie.