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These tools are for both PC and webtv/MSNTV users

Image Magick Gifbot My Imager
WebFX   Transweb

Webtv/MSNTV Scrapbook Uploader
Press the Upload button if you came here after viewing the image you want uploaded.
Otherwise, delete address shown - enter correct URL & press Upload.
Return to tools menu
Alter Images with Image Magick
From the web - URL 

Or from your hard drive - Browse: 
And if you need help - check the  [Image Magick Discussion Group]
Return to tools menu
Alter images with My Imager
Return to tools menu
Image Effects with WebFX

* Intensities available
Bgcolor setting available
+ Animated effect Return to tools menu
Reduce Images (bytes) with Gifbot
Enter the URL address of the image you would like to optimize.
Or enter a Web page address and get a list all images on that page.


From hard drive- URL: 
Output Format:     Return to tools menu
Transparent Images with Transweb
 Return to tools menu


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